AJAX Services

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Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, AJAX is a web development framework that allows the creation of interactive web applications. AJAX allows for the marriage of several web development technologies that produce a powerful way to display and interact with the information displayed on a web browser.

Several of the technologies incorporated in the functional parameters of AJAX include:
• JavaScript scripting model designed for web development
• client-side presentation using XHTML and CSS
• dynamic user interaction based on the Document Object Model
• data sharing using XML and XSLT
• asynchronous (called upon request) data retrieval using “XML Http Request”

Our team at WITS Technologies (P) LTD. (P) LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is well oriented with the AJAX framework. Let us bring your web applications to life by employing AJAX to give them fresh and user friendly features. Here’s how we can enhance your site’s presentation by employing AJAX.

Our AJAX Developer work in a different manner from classic web application models which invoke an Http request back to the web server, which after receiving and processing the information returns an HTML page ready to be displayed to the client. AJAX creates an additional layer between the user’s screen and the server which processes information for display, hence allowing for an entirely non-standard form of web interaction.

At the start of a new browser session, a JavaScript based AJAX engine is loaded. The engine allows the interaction between the user and the server to happen asynchronously, simply without the standard intervals of communication normally required with the server.

Basic requests which would otherwise be sent to the server are now able to be handled by the AJAX engine. Data validation and editing as well as some site navigation are all done without re-calling the server. Furthermore, should the need to call the server arise, such as from data submission, it would happen through XML asynchronously.

Many outdated website are burdened by long page loads, never ending hourglasses after data submission, as well as blank browser windows. We at WITS Technologies (P) LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company understand the source of these issues and the methodologies necessary to resolve them. Let us employ AJAX for your site so that your site’s visitors and followers are never left waiting for the server to respond, and instead always have a steady source of information for viewing and interaction.