JQuery services

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jQuery is a Javascript library that simplifies the client-side HTML scripting. It provides condensed syntax to achieve tasks which would otherwise be incredibly complex in JavaScript. The jQuery framework has a modular approach which facilitates the creation of dynamic web applications. The most common employed jQuery effects are drop-down menus, drag and drop, content slider, form validation and simple animations. jQuery is one of the most widely accepted methods for constructing streamlined AJAX based applications. jQuery is very successful for developing plug-ins for JavaScript and AJAX based applications.

jQuery web services is becoming increasingly used due to its versatility. Technology leaders, Google and Microsoft have begun incorporating jQuery into their own services and IDEs. jQuery allows centralized event manipulation, user interface special effects, and steadfast handling of differences across browsers.

Write less. Do More.” That is jQuery’s official motto; however, it is a philosophy that we at Wits Technologies also espouse. There are many clear advantages of jQuery over competing paid technologies, such as Flash. Here are some of the reasons why we choose to go with jQuery:

• It is very lightweight, easy, and fast.

• It is highly extendable

• Offer a separate library of JavaScript coding from HTML markup

• Uniquely offers cross browser compatibility

• Simple integration with ASP.Net

• Microsoft and Intellisense support (for Visual Studio 2008)

• Availability of many types of plugins

• Allows for the use of the Content Distribution Network

WITS Technologies (P) LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company always supports open-source technologies and maintains an active role in community support programs. Our jQuery service India is one of areas that we expertise in. We regularly employ the technology to increase our client’s web page speeds and to deliver a richer user experience through dynamic and interactive web applications.