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XHTML combines the extensibility of XML and the adaptability of HTML. HTML is a markup language that allows for the display of information across most commonly web browsers. XML is a flexible and extensible mark-up language that reduces the complexity of HTML without giving up on its unique features. The problem in using just HTML is that certain HTML tags are only viewable in certain browsers and their look will change from browser to browser. Until the advent of XHTML, the only solution for a HTML developer would be not to use those tags or vary them in order for them to be compatible across various browsers. XHTML brings an end to this ordeal because if one needs a new markup tag, one would define an XHTML module and incorporate it in a page like standard HTML tags.

WITS Technologies (P) LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company chooses XHTML because it gives us a more consistent, well-structured framework so that your website has a future assurance against changing web browsers. XHTML allows your website to be more easily parsed and processed by a browser. The greatest advantage of XHTML over other markup languages is that it makes your website simpler to edit, maintain, convert and format in the future.

HTML5, Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language popular amongst web developers in creating documents to be displayed in computer browsers. HTML5 is the latest edition, currently under development, which enhances the video, audio and “canvas” elements of a site. HTML5 has additional rules for the placement and format of text and graphics, as well as video and audio on a web page without having to use Flash plugin-ins for video and audio content. This saves developers the massive expense of licensing Flash’s development toolkit for customized web applications.

WITS Technologies (P) LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company works only in HTML5. Our HTML5 designer embrace this as a universal solution to providing a rich and light experience to web viewers. HTML5 enhances the user friendliness of a site, most notably the fact that it allows for the creation of offline web applications. WITS Technologies (P) LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company supports the transition to open-sourced technologies like HTML5 web development. Because it is universally integrated in a webpage and unlike Flash does not require a plugin, the web community is espousing HTML5 as a viable alternative option.